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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 12

The Federation gains its 225th member. The Voyager-A is decommissioned, with the Voyager-B being commissioned.

The Felis begins its 3rd long range exploration mission.

Anna discretely explores a pre-warp world.

The Enterprise explores on the far side of Klingon space.

At the Dyson Sphere, a Starfleet group go on an epic journey.

The Felis discovers a third Class O world with a civilisation in its ocean.

Gary Seven and some associates stop a Section 31 operation from destabilising a Federation colony.

The Enterprise begins a 7 year voyage of exploration.

The Commonwealth and the Federation enter into an alliance. If one nation is attacked, the other will also attack the aggressor.

The Enterprise whilst exploring near the galactic rim, makes first contact with an extra-galactic explorer, who says that she has found the Milky Way to be very like her home galaxy. The explorer soon leaves, leaving the Enterprise crew and the Federation with a mystery.

Gary Seven is seen on a Federation world. It is unknown why he was there.

The 230th member joins the Federation.

Anna visits a duplicate Andor...

The Felis returns to the Federation.

Several nations ally with the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

The Enterprise explores the far side of Cornelian space.

[Star Trek: Gamma Mission 2, 2450 - 2459]

The Felis begins its 4th long range exploration mission…

By this time the Federation has perfected Quantum Slipstream Drive and most Starfleet ships have it.
This allows for exploration in regions far distant from the Federation, Starfleet begins to leap-frog in its explorations.

The 232nd member joins the Federation.

Federation explorers discover many hidden installations in many of the Dyson Sphere’s biggest forests.

The Felis enters unexplored space for the 4th time, discovers some unique civilisations.

The Enterprise explores a sector 10000 light years from the Federation.

No less than 5 ships are assigned to the Dyson Sphere at any one time.

The Felis continues its mission.

The Enterprise F is almost destroyed protecting a Federation colony from an unknown aggressor. It requires a refit before the ship is space worthy again.

At the Dyson Sphere another civilisation (a small one) joins the Federation.

Voyager comes to the rescue of the Enterprise.

Gary Seven assists on New Victoria when a small asteroid hits the planet.

The Felis discovers yet another duplicate Earth; this one is 2500 years behind the Federation Earth, with a Rome under Julius Caesar that has 19th Century technology. Other civilisations on this Earth include a China under the Han Dynasty, a Carthage in Exile and Parthia.

The Enterprise F re-enters service towards the end of the year, after 18 months of refit.

Anna Jones returns to the Federation. She then begins to write an integrated account of her journeys.

A nation attacks the Federation, and is swiftly defeated. It turns out that they were unaware of the scale of the Federation.

The 234th member joins the Federation.
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