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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

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Not so, apparently. What Christopher's referring to is Moffat's assertion that Smith is the 13th Doctor, owing to The Stolen Earth. River's donation/sacrifice had consequences for her - she used up her regenerations, she didn't transfer them.
All of that was utterly obliterated in the 50th Anniversary special. Again, we saw Capaldi was the 13th Doctor. He was acknowledged as the 13th Doctor. It wasn't "All twelve-plus-a-guy-spawned-from-a-hand incarnations plus, uh, some other dude!" It was "All thirteen!" Followed by a tease of Capaldi's eyes, not a second Tennant's.
Nothing was obliterated in the 50th. They said "All thirteen" because they were thirteen Doctors in orbit around Gallifrey in 13 TARDISes. Nothing in that scene disproves the fact that The Doctor used a regeneration while not changing his form during The Stolen Earth. Normally regenerating 12 times would result in 13 incarnations, but Tennant's Doctor regenerated without creating a new incarnation. Smith is the 12th Doctor, but he has also regenerated 12 times.
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