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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

Now, see, that's interesting for me. As the executive producer and being in charge of the casting, I find actors who are intriguing people. Our scripts are bare bones in terms of how the characters interact with each other, and I put it on our cast to put how they see the characters into their performances.

For example, Rachel and Jeremy were discussing their characters. Both work the third shift, she as third shift watch commander, he as third shift senior medical officer. They took themselves aside during pre-shoot activities (makeup, wardrobe, practice, lighting and sound) and ironed out how they wanted to interact with each other. When we were ready to shoot, they nailed their scenes. Just absolutely nailed them. That's what we like to see, and for the most part we do.

When the second season rolls out starting in January, I think people we see what I'm writing about, and appreciate the talent of the people involved.
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