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Re: Joe Cornish To Direct STAR TREK 3?

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I just remember when Aliens 3 was directed by someone who hadn't directed a feature film before.
Yeah but if you looked at his music video pedigree, Fincher was still a pretty decent choice. That franchise has always been more about the directors than most (not talking AvsP stuff!), which is one reason why they all look a bit unique from one another, with only some similarities carrying over.

Cuaron is off the table for TREK too (not likely he ever was going to do it anyway), as he has sworn off space movies for good after GRAVITY.

I still think they need a modern equivalent to Meyer, somebody who isn't a big VFX guy, but a writer/director who does character/Character/CHARACTER. In other words, the guy who made THE STATION AGENT and THE VISITOR, who some of you may know as an actor (he played the total scumsucking rotten journalist who wound up covered in glory in the last season of THE WIRE.)
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