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Re: Nelson Mandela has died

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You could be right. I was reading a lot into it.

What's kind of frightening is that anyone who would pretend to be a sign-language interpreter and isn't, and would stand up on stage like that, is probably mentally unbalanced - and somehow passed muster to get up there! I guess he's the world's top photo-bomber now.
What I find frightening is 1) how did a fake interpreter get on stage in the first place, 2) where is the real interpreter?!
He was the real interpreter rather than an imposter, in that the ANC actually did hire him from a service that has been accused of using untrained interpreters in the past. He's a registered interpreter who has signed at ANC events before (and gotten prior complaints apparently), but while he does speak Xhosa and can sign in South African Sign Language, he doesn't understand English very well and has no formal training as an SASL interpreter. Add to that that he's schizophrenic and was --according to him, so possibly take it with a grain of salt-- having an episode on stage, and that's why it was all gibberish.

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Wow, nice to see Ln X got thoroughly trounced in here.
I was just adding food for thought plus providing sources which are either overlooked or not well known about. Personally I like to contrast the popular perception with lesser known facts. But I knew I was going to get a bloody nose for providing an alternative viewpoint/opinion.

Hopefully some readers clicked on the links I provided.
Allow me to translate from bullshit:

"I was just innocently using racist right wing propaganda from a still unapologetic apartheid leader to discredit another leader who brought legal racial equality to his country and brand him a terrorist. I don't see why anyone had a problem with simply posting a harmless racist's alternate opinion like that."
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