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Re: Stop coddling me Nintendo!

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
The funny thing about the Konami code is it was completely unnecessary and probably did more harm than good.

Contra has the erroneous reputation of being really difficult. I think the big reason for that is the 30 rests became such a crutch for most people that they never bothered to learn the game.
Well, that just emphasizes my point. This current cheating here is no better and no worse than that. It's also unnecessary, but it's for those who struggle to succeed otherwise.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
There is a big psychological difference between having to go to a website to find a hint and just having to press a button. The latter feels like the normal course of playing the game and the former does not. That's what I mostly object to, when you don't have to make any effort to get the hint, you don't feel the same way about it.
Well, I think the use of secret codes in the past made you feel like you were part of a secret club who was therefore entitled to get the advantages. I found out most game codes through word of mouth or Nintendo Power. But, since the internet has removed all effort anyway, I'm not sure why it should be hidden from those without the internet. To me, it's basically the same thing. On the other hand, 900 number help lines were bad. To me, they're no better than Zynga micro-transactions to give you an advantage in play. I'm glad they're gone.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Well, it's all I ever did.

That and skipping to the last level in Sonic 2.
I used the two whistle trick in Mario Bros 3 to warp ahead to the end of the game once or twice, but I certainly didn't normally see the point. I've also used the 99 lives trick in Donkey Kong Country 2 on occasion, but more as a curiosity than anything else. Likewise, I've done the same with the Barrel Code for 50 lives in the original DKC. Generally, I just do the down, y, down, down, y code to play the animal stages because those are a little more fun. None of the codes I've used to beat the game with because it isn't necessary, but I've certainly tried them out.
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