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Re: The Matrix: the red pill or the blue pill

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If you have a boring job and life in the matrix, you can't do anything about that - all jobs/lives there are pointless treading water. And if you are really determined about trying to do something about it, if you try to exit the stereotype imposed upon you, all you get for your trouble is a lobotomy or termination, courtesy of your masters.
There is absolutely no evidence of any of that.
In the trilogy they glossed over it, in Enter the Matrix, Matrix Online, Path of Neo and the short lived WB site giving the backstory, there are dozens of layers of authority down from Agents.

Each layer has a function, to keep the core program running by removing any "anomaly" that might cause a ripple of extreme variables. If that meant deleting anything from a family pet to a building, it was down in a way that didn't raise much suspicion, but they were removed and everyone's memory altered to reflect it.

The Animatrix has an episode devoted to a subtle reprogramming, a building rather than a person, but they're capable of both.

The Oracle gave humanity a "limited" choice, the ability to feel on a subconscious level that they're making their own decisions, but in truth they aren't, the Architect balances it by keeping those choices severely limited.

Everyone inside is on a leash, and the programs inside the Matrix have heard or seen little of their masters in Zero One for centuries, they take it upon themselves to do what they need to protect both.

If a human dies, they grow another one and alter the program, they see it as a day to day function. We're batteries, not people, to them.
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