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Re: The Matrix: the red pill or the blue pill

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Assuming the real world is a simulation (which is quite different from the matrix as depicted - the prison/zoo), I can assure you I didn't choose to live here because it has better cuisine (or better clothes or a boring, dead-end job, or a boring life with no perspectives whatsoever, etc). Indeed, no choice was offered.
No choice that you know of. The whole point of the question is that Blue-Pillers would never know the choice they had made. They would go back to living the rest of their life unaware. If you have a boring life or job, you do something about it. Or not, just like the real real world.
First, as established in the movie, if you take the blue pill you wake up the next morning and beleive whatever you wish about said event you still remember.

Second, you're confusing the depicted matrix with the real world.
If I have a boring job in the real world, I can do something about it.
If you have a boring job and life in the matrix, you can't do anything about that - all jobs/lives there are pointless treading water. And if you are really determined about trying to do something about it, if you try to exit the stereotype imposed upon you, all you get for your trouble is a lobotomy or termination, courtesy of your masters.
Which part of the matrix being a sterile prison that imposes conformity don't you understand?
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