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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Winter Event needs a makeover for next year. Find myself already fading out on this one. Already had a gun, boots, and a jacket/scarf. The new offerings were just additional guns and new colors for the jacket (shouldn't have to grind to change color, don't on any other uniform). The mortar was the only really new thing worth having.

So I did the grind for the new character I made this year, and now he's all set too. Almost done with the ship, as I was carrying half an event worth of 8x10 photos from running basically every race last year. Swimming in xmas loot, just gotta finish the ship and then save pics for next time I guess. And doing the PvP race for free marks, that's the best benefit here.

Gingerbread colony was nice idea, but the reward is just a couple pieces of xmas loot, so no reason to grind it if you're already full up.
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