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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

I'll keep holding out hope that Mike is alive. I like the idea that he confided in Coulson beforehand and that this was a triple cross.

The reason I think Po is the Clairvoyant, as somebody already said, is that he was able to communicate with him in prison and still Raina and the others have no way to track him. Although Raina may suspect, given her attempts to seduce Po.

As for the meeting at the end, Ward's position was meant to show that there was no good position-- that Centipede had arranged it so that there was no clear shot. Foreshadowing that everything was going to go toes up (as if we needed that ). They had the trucks rigged to explode to forestall pursuit. They didn't blow up the car to make anybody think Coulson was dead, but just to get rid of their stuff and as a gesture to SHIELD that they had been pwned. Similarly, they shot exactly at Ward's position as the final finger to SHIELD, telling them that they had lost before they even showed up. The Clairvoyant knew exactly where Ward would be positioned-- either because of genuine clairvoyance, or a bug of some kind, or a mole.
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