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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

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I imagine finding and freeing Gallifrey would be more than enough cause to reward the Doctor with additional regenerations. (Not sure why that's not the obvious answer, since that's pretty much what the show is going to be focused on for a while.)
Well, isn't that just why it doesn't work? If the news reports are true, then the Doctor is currently on his last life, and will need to get a new regeneration cycle now, or rather two weeks from now. And the search for Gallifrey is most likely going to take a while to pay off, maybe drag on for years. It's not going to be resolved in "The Time of the Doctor." So unless Moffat's been lying to the newspapers and Smith is still just the 12th incarnation, then new regenerations are not going to be a reward for finding Gallifrey.
Erm, what?

Capaldi will be his 13th and final incarnation (assuming nothing else wonky is going on which, honestly, should be thanks to River's donation/sacrifice which more than makes up for any energy he lost with the whole hand fiasco). Even after the reveal of the so-called War Doctor, Matt Smith wasn't his last incarnation. The only thing that's changed is that he has only one regeneration left now rather than two, thus making his quest to find Gallifrey a bit more imperative before he's killed as Capaldi, at least as far as my idea is concerned.
Not so, apparently. What Christopher's referring to is Moffat's assertion that Smith is the 13th Doctor, owing to The Stolen Earth. River's donation/sacrifice had consequences for her - she used up her regenerations, she didn't transfer them.
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