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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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My motivations are right on cue, they're just not what you and others can accept.
I don't care overmuch what your motivations are or aren't. I think you should just stop pretending you know anything about anyone else's when it's obvious that you don't.

If the people can't accept the current era, it's not my problem or anybody else's
Correct. In fact it's probably not something you should concern yourself about at all, since someone's not liking a thing you like isn't a personal judgment of you and you can in all probability learn to encounter it without being a giant vagina about things.

(If I judge correctly from your nick that you're a South African, think about it this way: if Madiba could manage reconciliation of a country on the verge of war, reconciliation with people who just happen to prefer the older versions of something you like should be a piece of cake. )
I'm from Canada, actually (I like the name because of its power) and what I said, still stands; these fans are treating the franchise as a religion, when it's just a TV show, and they are acting in a certain way that I find to be fanatical because of the new movies. Anybody else could see that and say that, but they haven't, so it might as well be me.

If they like the older shows, that's fine and good, but they have to realize that what they remember about it is a selective memory (and has been disproved by others here.) Star Trek is an action adventure show at its core, and for the current franchise runner(s) to deny this would be foolish and end up destroying it. Thankfully, they're not listening to these fans, and the franchise is doing right, and making new fans, not deluded ones stuck in the past who can't progress. As for the comparisions to Mandela, you're the one who's really reaching now.
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