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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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The stars on the American flag represent the 50 states. The Star on the Texas State flag say fuck the other 49 stars who think they're the same as us... How many stars are on her knickers and what do they mean?
The five-pointed star is used very widely around the world.

Flags which use the five-pointed star include the European Union, Algeria, Chile, China, New Zealand, North Korea, Turkey, it's even on the Esperanto flag.

Also, it's been used as a symbol of the Soviet Union (usually in red, known as the Red Star), as well as in the Ottoman Empire, the Druze, the Bahá'í faith, the Order of the Eastern Star,

It's most probably derived from the Pentagram, which has been used as early as the Babylonians, to whom it was an important religious symbol.

It's also been used, and here comes the WW connection, by Pythagoreanism, a cult/movement founded on the principals of ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (you probably remember the Pythagoras theorem from school). Their philosophy was based on a harmony in the universe, nature, mankind and the individual itself.

The fact that the five-pointed star has been used as both a symbol of military strength and ideals of harmony actually make it the perfect symbol to wear as a peace-loving Amazon warrior.
A very erudite contribution, but no, Wonder Woman doesn't wear stars as a nod to Pythagoreanism.
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