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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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If you're now saying that it's not clear exactly how superhumanly strong they are, then we agree. But you didn't seem to be agreeing with me before.
Difference in emphasis. You said there was no clear indication how strong they were. In the context of the earlier discussion and the question that prompted it, I took "how strong" to be a matter of whether they were in the same strength range as Captain America or a substantially greater one. One doesn't have to pin it down to the ton in order to demonstrate that it's the latter.

And really, bench-pressing figures are a pretty arbitrary standard. Bench-press is a specialization. An athlete who's trained specifically for that exercise is going to be able to lift more than an athlete with equivalent innate ability, size, musculature, and training who's specialized in some different discipline. So it's not really the most accurate measure of whether two individuals are equally strong, and thus one shouldn't take the exact numbers as anything more than a convenient approximation for comparison purposes. What matters is the comparison itself, how one character's strength ranks in proportion to another.
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