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Female RoboCop-Casting & Plot

With the new remake about to come out February 14, I've been wondering if a female version of the character would work for today instead of a male, and so I've come up with a list of actresses that could play the part based on some fan art that I've seen:

As Alexandra Janet Murphy:

*Anne Hathaway
*Summer Glau
*Jewel Staite
*Sarah Polley (provided they film the movie in Toronto!)
*Jessica Biel
*Olivia Wilde
*Monea Baccarin
*Jada Pinket Smith
*Uma Thurman
*Kate Bosworth
*Mary Elisabeth Winstead
*Salli Richardson

Sam Lewis (Ann Lewis):

*Garrett Headlund

*Tyrese Gibson

*Nick Cannon

For the villians:

The Old Man (male version):

*Peter Weller

*Ron Glass

*Willem Dafoe

*Jonathan Banks

The Old Man (female version)

*Kate Mulgrew

*Helen Mirren

*Alfre Woodward (played a fictitious version of Condalezza Rice in the short-lived Black Panther cartoon)

*Carol Burnett

*Sharon Stone

Dick Jones (male version):

James Franco

Christian Bale

Robert Downey Jr.

Hugh Jackman

Nathan Fillion

Terrence Howard

Don Cheadle

Dick Jones (female version, called Liz Jones):

*Catherine Zeta-Jones

*Emma Thompson

*Alice Krige

*Nana Visitor

*Angelina Jolie

I have nobody for the main bad guy Clarence Boddicker or anybody else in the movie, so if anybody wants to come up with their own casting, go ahead.

The plot would be the same except adjusted for the fact the the main character is female, as would some of the others, and with some other changes and updates.
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