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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

April 2007 Winning Entry by Ali

The challenge for this month was to write a drabble of 100 words, not including the title, author commentary or notes of reference.

This is taken directly from one of my favorite moments in "Star Trek Insurrection"...

Dawn by Ali

He had beamed down to a silent hillside just outside of the Ba’ku village.

It was early, with a stillness that could only be found in those few precious moments as the cold of night surrendered to the warming glow of dawn. This was something he had never experienced before, except through poetic descriptions or casual anecdotes.

His breathing slowed, the anticipation growing as he took in every detail and color. The new day spilled over the mountaintops, coming to life with a vividness that exceeded his expectations.

With real eyes, Geordi La Forge waited to see his first sunrise.
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