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Re: is farscape a good show

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Farscape is a fantastic show. Probably behind Firefly in my list of "Shows I'm angry they cancelled".
Farscape is a wonderful show - one of my top 3-4 shows ever. That being said, at least it had 4 full seasons and a full mini-series to tell it's story which I feel it mostly got to do. Yes, a full season 5 would have probably been preferable, but given how hit and miss season 4 was I'm not so sure it would have the best thing for the show.
Don't forget it also got six four issue comic book miniseries, a 7 issue miniseries, and a 24 issue ongoing series. Most of them were overseen by Rockne S. O'Bannon, and are probably the only official continuation we're going get at this point. I haven't read them yet myself, but I plan to start them once I finish my rewatch of the TV series.
And most of those comics were written by TrekLit's own Keith DeCandido (who also wrote one of the official FARSCAPE novels as well).
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