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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

The type seen in "Rascals" was a reuse of the VFX from "Yesterday's Enterprise" which was a hugely upscaled BOP of about 600-700m. Even if we take the dialogue referring to them as "B'Rels" at face value, they're much larger from a scaling perspective than the tiny 12-man versions we saw in TMP. And we've seen Klingons produce some impressive modern ships anyway like the Negh'var. And since the huuuuge BOPs in "The Defector" were considered to be scary frontline ships that made Tomalok run away despite having a pair of enormous Warbirds with him, I think it's probably a safer assumption that the Klingon ship's internals have been substantially upgraded in the interim along with the gigantism, rather than the other powers stagnating relatively speaking.

I'm not sure really if we should stick things from "Countdown" in here, but in that, at least, the Enterprise-E was holding her own pretty well against Narada, so I think the question becomes if Vengeance is actually powerful enough to fight toe to toe with Narada.
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