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ENTER! TV & Media Avatar Contest: What the Dickens?!

Hey, folks!

I was thinking about a good topic, particularly one associated with christmas, since we're getting awefully close to that date. It wasn't easy to come up with something we haven't done the past few years, but then it kinda hit me to make it specific.

We all know Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", if not from the book itself, then from the overwhelming number of adaptations and parodies. And since there is this overwhelming number, I thought, why not make a contest out of that?!

So, create an av from one of these adaptations and/or parodies. You certainly have a variety of possible choices.

Usual rules apply, of course, and SF/F is, obviously, allowed.

Let's see some Scrooges!
Santa Riker wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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