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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Mike has extremis in his blood and "died" in a fiery explosion and then wasn't seen again.
Isn't this pretty much how Pepper Potts "died" as well?
I thought the explosion was the bad guys covering the tracks as they made for the helicopter.
Yeah, I think they set the explosion not Extremis. I thought Timelord Victorious was saying the same thing. Although, admittedly, my memory of Iron Man 3 is a bit fuzzy since I haven't seen it since theaters.
Yeah, it was obviously not Mike exploding but the explosion catching him while running past the blast area.
Essentielly like Pepper falling to her "death" into a fire/explosion.
So if they want to bring him back, they can, by simply saying his Extremis power protected him against it, since Extremis is a fire-based power in comic book terms.
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