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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

I have made a start on season 3 and am already up to the fifth episode Impulse. so far I am really enjoying it and will post my thoughts on the episodes soon but first I just wanted to have a quick ramble on about T'Pol's costume change.

I like her new hairstyle. At least I think that its a new hairstyle it certainly looks different to me than the previous two seasons. Its only slightly longer but appears softer and lighter in color. At first I wasnt sure about it since it made her look like the back of her head was huge but i think it suits her a lot better than the one she had. It looks a lot more Vulcan to me than her original one.

(On a random side note I find it funny that the female Vulcans in Enterprise have the same short hair as their male counterparts or female Vulcans of later trek series when the female Vulcans seen in TOS era have longer hair in T'Prings case long enough to put into a elaborate style. I would have thought that taking place just before the TOS era that female Vulcans appearing on Enterprise would have longer hair unless long hair was merely a brief fashion trend on Vulcan.)

Also T'Pol has gone from having a single brown outfit to wear to having various multicolored jumpsuits. They dont look very Vulcan neither do they appear part of human fashion. They also look stiff round the neck and shoulders. The lower neckline is probably intended to emphasise cleavage but i find it makes her appear a little less top heavy without revealing very much of anything so i dont mind it. I will probably get used to her new uniforms after a couple episodes and not think about them overly much.

I do really really like her pygamas. They look soft and comfortable and happen to be my favourite color so now i think that if i ever met T'Pol and was allowed to ask her a single question it would be where she buys her pygamas form because i want some.
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