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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

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Since I'm a 3D novice, could you clarify your meaning? Are you just saying that it would make the shot look too dim? Because I noticed something in Gravity that might be completely different from what you're talking about, and I'm wondering whether it's common. On some of the shots of a bright spacesuited figure in the distance against the black of space, I got a bit of a double image that was there even when I closed one eye, so it must've been the result of the glasses failing to filter out one of the images completely. I'm wondering if that was a fault in my specific pair of glasses or in the theater's projection system, or if it's an endemic flaw in the process.
I think I've seen this as well, but on the 2D versions. Go to the scene where Queen Elizabeth's men surround the three Doctors. One of the guardsmen has a pike pointed at the camera, and the blade of the weapon has a peculiar, ghostly double-image. I've been wondering if this is an artifact of the 3D camera used, or was just a production glitch.
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