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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

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That's why I'm thinking Miss D.A. lady might try to pin this one on him, sloppily. But like we both said, ballistics and other forensic tests, while muddied now that Jax is in the mix, should still be able to exhonnerate him from the scene. That, plus, there were a number of witnesses that should place him at the candy store during the time of the murders. There is really no logical way any of this should be pinned on him.
And... that's how Jax avoids 25 years in jail! This is his ticket out. I'm starting to wonder if the DA lady has any brains of any sort in her head. All her stupid schemes come to backfire. How many times did Tara back down and accept the cops' terms? Pretty much zero, something like that? They did everything on her terms.

Still, a pretty impressive finale/season overall. I'm guessing there's one left and that's it. How far could the story go from here? Half the original cast is dead!
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