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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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I've actually seen Star Trek fan-written scripts using Star Trek fonts.

Not by me, I hasten to add.
I worked for a production company a few years ago and got a call one day from a very nice kid wanting to submit a script to us. He had to have been a teenager (at least I hope he was) because he'd only written it in pencil and could not email it to us.

Final Draft makes life so much easier.
It's funny - when I moved in March, I came across some old papers from when I was a kid. Among them was an old, old script I'd written (and then sent to the DS9 writer's office.)

I had to have been 14 when I wrote this thing in PFS Window Works!

Ugh, even thinking about it now, I marvel at how bad it was but also like to think of it as a measuring rod for how much I've learned and am continuing to learn.

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