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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

^^^ Thought the same thing myself. When Juice was going through dumpsters in that last scene, I was halfway expecting to see him pushing someone's leg in under the lid. And then, Jax arrived at the house and to my surprise saw everything pretty much intact. Then when Jax started moving Tara around I cringed, not for the gore or solemnity of the scene, but because he was disturbing a massive crime scene, adding his DNA & prints into the mix in an environment that would have otherwise been devoid of the same. That's why I'm thinking Miss D.A. lady might try to pin this one on him, sloppily. But like we both said, ballistics and other forensic tests, while muddied now that Jax is in the mix, should still be able to exhonnerate him from the scene. That, plus, there were a number of witnesses that should place him at the candy store during the time of the murders. There is really no logical way any of this should be pinned on him.
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