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Re: Time Of The Doctor Trailer!

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I am really going to miss Matt Smith.

He was excelent in the part, even though I did not like a lot of the material he was given. Even this, as a finale, has me cringing. Haven't we seen this before WITH Matt Smith's Doctor? It's like the same damn story. "I'm gonna die! The army people with no motivation of any substance are coming for me! All my enemies! Also there's some aspect of this being a child's fantasy or storybook thing!" Ugh. I wish we could go out on a really, really good story and not have the fact the Doctor is regenerating BE the story.

"Caves of Androzani" and "Parting of the Ways", where ARE you? Le sigh.

I agree with "Caves of Androzani", but not with "Parting of the Ways", I liked the build up in RTD's finales, but I also found his finales themselves to be rubbish. Granted the only issue I have with "Parting of the Ways" was how easy the Daleks were defeated.
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