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Re: Sad/happy/bittersweet endings

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Wasn't Minority Report supposed to be some sort of sequel to Total Recall at some point? That would make the similarity even more interesting.
Yeah, when it was first optioned back in the late-80s along with other PKD books it was intended as a sequel to Total Recall (don't know if it would have included Arnie or not, but I assume so). Just shows how long it takes and how difficult it can be for some films to actually make to the big screen. While I love Ahnuld movies (if he would have been the star), I'm glad things turned out the way it did with Spielberg and Cruise. Arnie can certainly make a great scifi movie (and has made several), but the tone and action would have been hugely different from what we got, and I love what we got and think it's one of the best scifi films ever.
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