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Re: Time Of The Doctor Trailer!

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It's always exciting to get a new Doctor though.
That is true.

And this is the first time since Christopher Eccleston was cast that I've known anything about the new actor to play the Doctor and that didn't really count since we knew nothing about what the revived show would be like. Matt and David were great but at the time I knew little about them or whether they were going to be good.

Whereas I know Capaldi is a great actor and, at the risk of tempting fate, is bound to be a great Doctor.
Nooo! Now youíve cursed him!
Getting a new Doctor is an exciting time, but whilst I donít feel we quite got long enough to know Eccleston in the role enough for it to be a major wrench, and whilstómust as I liked himóI was ready for Tennant to go, Smith has been, by far, my favourite Doctor since Davison, so I am gonna miss him.
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