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I think that TOS was far more the Kirk, Spock and McCoy show than VOY was the KJ, 7 and EMH show though.
There are only 3 names in the opening credits of TOS because they are the only stars of the show. The others are in the closing credits and were only meant as a supporting cast. It was only due to fans and films that they also got starring roles.
While I don't disagree (it was how the system rolled at the time), I do think that, for example, Jimmy Doohan's agent really should've been pushing for better billing for his client. Scotty was a very firm number 4 IMO, and probably about as integral to most plots as Bones was.

Actually that's a point. People always talk about 'the big three', but even in TOS I reckon Kirk and Spock are about equal, with McCoy being far less directly a 'star' than either of them. Even after he was promoted to opening credits.
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