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Re: Lost Girl season 4

Well, I finally finished Season 3. I'd been holding off for a while because I wanted to drag things out and savor them. But then I lost patience and finished the remaining 5 episodes in 2 days. Doh!

And this is even worse than the last time. Season 2 mostly just ended by resolving lots of stuff. Season 3's finale is nothing but cliffhangers. I mean, seriously, Trick is the only character that I don't still have major questions about at the end of the episode. (And maybe Dyson. I seriously doubt he's in any particular jeopardy.)

I'm starting to warm up a little more to Tamsin. She's still got attitude but she's not so much of a bitch anymore. I'm still not sure I see the sparkage between her & Bo though.

Besides, after "The Ceremony," I'm more of a Boson 'shipper than ever. I mean, Bo clearly likes Lauren. But when she's standing in front of Dyson when he finally admits that he loves her again, there are freakin' stars in her eyes!

BTW, speaking of Tamsin, I was just watching "The Girl Who Fae'd with Fire" from Season 2. In that episode, one of the random clan elders attending the party is named Tamsin. There's also this line from Kenzi when she first meets Hale's sister Val: "Is that short for Valerie? Or because you're a Valkyrie?" (It doesn't actually mean anything but I thought it was an interesting coincidence.)
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