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Re: Edge of Tomorrow trailer

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I wish they stuck with the original title.
When I saw the poster on Apple's Trailer page, I thought the title would be "Live, Die, Repeat", which would have been much better than its current title.
The only thing that bugs me is the pairing of a 50 year old Tom Cruise and a 30 year old Emily Blunt. Why not go with less age discrepancy, like having a 40 something year old female lead?
Nothing against Emily Blunt, I only watched the prada devil film for her. Twice.
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The last couple days have been very good on the trailer front!
They have, and the trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will be released next week.
Really? I am excited. I was wondering when that comes out, as I accidentally saw a Godzilla trailer today, totally unaware, that there was a new movie about it, though I am not really a fan of those Godzilla flicks anyway.
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