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Re: "Are you coming or going?"

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I don't see why it seems dickish. It's legal to do and there are several benefits to the other drivers on the road. This article and the links/video featured should help clear things up. Keep in mind it's a practice that's legal just about everywhere else in the world.

For me, the biggest thing is that if I am just sitting in traffic, I'm a sitting duck. if the car behind me doesn't stop for whatever reason, I've just become the meat in a car-motorcycle-car sandwich. If I keep moving my only threats are from in front of me. I always keep my hand on the clutch and am always ready to be on the brake should someone dart out. I basically assume they're going to, and prepare accordingly.

Also, some bikes are air-cooled and will overheat if stationary for too long...and in a warmer state like California that could be a problem.
I dunno, legal or not it just seems dickish to me with too much potential for abuse or causing problems because of the unpredictability of it. That's a terribly narrow space to have someone tearing through 10mph faster than everyone else.
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