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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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1. That recreation appeared onscreen in the Director's Edition.
2. The amount of inaccuracies relative to other blueprints is very low.
3. It's the only undistorted orthographic view of an onscreen TMP Enterprise, AFAIK.
I see. Although it contradicts the footage featuring the VFX model (e.g. torpedo bay humpback) in the same Director's Edition, the CG rendering takes precedence over this footage and the footage from the other 5 films.

One could apply the same kind of reasoning and insist that there is no docking port on the starboard side of the torpedo bay, because the closeup of the enlarged TWOK starboard section in ST III doesn't show it.

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Didn't you just say not to side with one inaccurate reproduction and then you mention another 3rd party CGI model? How many cakes do you want to eat at the same time?
Since you are twisting my words this is the time where my favorite HAL 9000 quote would be appropriate.

You are implying nothing less that Tobias Richter's CGI reproduction is equally inaccurate (I haven't seen it in detail, yet, but usually Tobias aims at a higher than average accuracy in his works).

I don't need cakes, I'd just like to see one reproduction of the refit Enterprise that can truly claim to be accurate.

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