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Re: A thought on regenerations (spoilers for "Night/Day of the Doctor"

I for one would like a brutal and traumatic regeneration. Oh, and emotional.

Those regenerations are always best.

If you wan an original regeneration (me included), how about a stab wound. Killed in an explosion would be fun. I'd love a tear of two from the doctor and Clara. That's why the Third Doctors regeneration (apart from the actual regeneration scene itself) is so brilliant and I also love ten's regeneration in general. Maybe a good old fashioned betrayal would be great.

The funny thing about this year is that there have been three regenerations! 8-War, War-9, and 11-12. I think the reason Moffat didn't make the other two regenerations too epic (although I did enjoy Eight's regeneration a lot anyway) was so they didn't down-play the main regeneration.

If played right, this regeneration could definitely be another classic one like Caves of Androzani.
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