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Re: Wood Burning = Illegal

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Once again, you people seem to think I'm making a huge deal out of something when all I'm doing is bringing it up for discussion. I myself don't even have a fireplace in my apartment. I just general question things being banned that people typically can do in their own homes. Just because I bring something up does not equal me complaining. It's called starting a discussion.
And discuss it we have. Many reasonable explanations have been provided beyond what the original article you linked to included with regard to why this "ban" makes sense. Granted, it may not be the first course of action you would take if you were in charge of the city you live in, but then again you aren't in charge of the city you live in.

It'd be one thing if there were no other viable alternatives to staying warm in the winter and it would also be another thing if there were no exceptions being made.... but the government seems to be handling this all in a completely reasonable and all-encompassing manner in terms of their consideration.

Once again, not seeing the big deal.
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