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Re: Wood Burning = Illegal

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It's not exactly cheap to run a heater to warm an entire house. What about those who have heaters but could benefit from a cheaper means of providing heat? I guess they're just SOL.
What about not having to waste energy? Why do you (I assume this is you we are talking about, yes?) have to heat the entire house when you're only in at most, one or two rooms at any given moment?

The real question do they even plan to enforce this? The cops don't want anything to do with it, so I don't see how some air protection district is going to have any authority to start fining people.
Then again, what's the big fucking deal?

I understand that it's only illegal when the alert is in just so happens that the alert in in effect during the coldest days of the winter so far, when people could use the heat the most. <img id="ums_img_tooltip" class="UMSRatingIcon">
If your only concern is your own altruistic concern for people's well-being and their need to stay warm, space heaters are a cheap and easy way to stay warm, legally. So is dressing in layers.

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