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Re: Wood Burning = Illegal

First question: If this BAAMQD manages to succeed in making wood-burning illegal, will you be unable to burn wood to stay warm in your home? Or is this you raising the rage flag by proxy?

More importantly, did you miss the part that wood burning is only illegal when the alert is actually issued? The rest of the time it would appear to be ok?

According to the district, a high pressure weather system along with colder temperatures have lingered in the Bay Area all week, causing pollution to become trapped and rise to unhealthy levels. When an alert has been issued, it is illegal residents to burn wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuels indoors or outside.
I mean, come on. My apartment is one of four in a building built in 1908 and was owned by Al Jolson. I'm 95% convinced I don't have any heat insulation in the building and the central heat doesn't work. So my landlord provided me with two space heaters and I bought two more. (one for each room).

Too, Space heaters are pretty cheap, so I'm not seeing what the big deal is.
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