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Re: Non-Trek - A Present for Mom

I plan to keep the texture overlay with the dirt and scratches and roses in the corners but I'm going to lower the opacity, possibly as low as 25%. I probably will not use the canvas texture, though; I'm concerned that it will either disappear when printed on actual canvas or that it might muddy the image or even create a visible moire pattern.

Stuff left to do:

1. Finish rendering her legs and hip armor.
2. Add the third "coat tail" from her left hip.
3. Smooth and blend the halo light around her head.
4. Make the skin tones a little less... florid? Oversaturated? Not sure exactly what's off but it needs some adjustment.
5. Make some final tweaks to her hairline and match her ponytail to her hair texture.
6. Finish rendering the sword, brighten the highlights, add the pommel, maybe add some etching and/or filigree to the blade.
7. Brighten the armor overall, add some very slight specular bloom to the highlights, etching/filigree as appropriate.
8. Finish rendering the wings.

If anyone has any other comments or suggestions, now's the time. I have to finish this and get it to the printer by Friday afternoon at the latest in order to get it back and have it framed in time for Christmas. Obviously I'm not going to have time for any major changes like a different pose or whatever, but I'm keenly interested in anything else I can reasonably do to improve it.

Thanks for looking.
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