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I will give you the Khan scream and rip off scene of Kirk's death as been far from great but saying Pine, Saldana and Zachary are horrible actors is not criticism. It is not even bad criticism. it is hate speech.

If there is anything both JJ Trek's film has been praised for is how the acting is always excellent and how the ensemble cast are all brilliant and work together well.

You are so talking out of spite and hate.
It's his opinion, and this is the place for him to have posted it. Now that he's watched the movie at last, it's reassuring to know that kirk555555's review is consistent with the grade he voted in the poll many months ago.

No one is obligated to agree with everything or anything expressed therein. However, it's also best to confine criticism of any poster's review to its content and to leave any criticism of the reviewer unspoken.
Um right, so he voted months ago and just saw it? Yeah that's a valid criticism. More like spouting verbatim what the minority criticisms are of the movie amongst trek fans.
RAMA, you've been here more than long enough to know that critique of a mod advisory is properly conducted via PM or the "Notify Moderator" function, not in open thread. That you disregard that to lay on an example of the very thing I was in that post cautioning against—seven weeks after the fact, no less—well, that will earn you a warning. Comments to PM, please.
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