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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

I would like to add my voice to the HOLY SHIT chorus. The first half of the episode was really kind of unremarkable. Clearly a bunch of set up for next season.

Jax squashing the white dove in the road with his bike felt somewhat heavy-handed on the symbolism. Clearly a white/black vs. yellow/brown war is coming. And I was genuinely surprised to see Lin walking around with a cast on. I could have sworn he was killed by the Irish along with the rest of the Triads that showed up at that one meeting. And then >poof< - there his is at a sit-down with the Myans and "King Nero" . That one was kind of surprising to me.

And Tara...poor Tara...I don't know if anyone caught the live interview with Sutter, Sagal and Sciff at the end - they all said Gemma's actions "weren't pre-meditated". I kind-of call bullshit on this one. Yes, clearly she was out of her mind and delusional, but she kept repeating that phrase "I have work to do", as soon as dipshit Unser gave her incomplete information that set those wheels in motion. And BTW, I used to really like Unser until this season - he's really got all this unrequited infatuation with Gemma that has really screwed up his decision-making process. He's acting like a bloody teenager with his first crush and he's like a 70-year-old man for phucksake! Anyways, she kept saying that "work to do", before and after the...ahem...attack. She knew where she was going, what she was doing and who she was doing it to. I don't believe the whole non-pre-meditation thing at all.

And Juice. Did he think his actions at the end were going to save him in the eyes of Jax and the club? I'm really not certain of his motivations any more as he, too, seems lost and confused.

And what of Miss D.A.? They made a point of her looking at Jax's pistol on the floor next to the Sheriff's left foot before looking at the bereft Jax. A simple, garden-variety ballistics test will show that the slugs and pistol will not match. What was the point of that scene? Does she actually plan to pin the double-homicide on Jax, when she knew he was going to make everything right?

Jax obviously won't be in jail for the next 7 to 25 years, so something will have to keep him out, and I don't see this becoming a courtroom drama in its final year. More like a final war between rival gangs, fallout from recent deaths, etc... Season 7 promises to be a hell of a ride.
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