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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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The only known low-distortion view of the Enterprise is the one from Drexfiles' orthos and the dorsal width is only 48% of the torpedobay and not 59%.

I'm a little confused. Since when did the Thermians decide to rely on inaccurate third party recreations rather than the original (VFX) footage and photographs?
1. That recreation appeared onscreen in the Director's Edition.
2. The amount of inaccuracies relative to other blueprints is very low.
3. It's the only undistorted orthographic view of an onscreen TMP Enterprise, AFAIK.

As a Thermian, the argument is simply this:
1. You cannot get an accurate sizing from the original footage using the filmed front and back angles due to the complex shapes and distortion involved.

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Here we see one of the more detailed front views of the actual and "real" ship.
And again, due to foreshortening, the max width of the torpedo bay is obscured. I question any accuracy that you're able to get from that picture.

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The Drexfiles ortho is from the CG TMP Enterprise that was accuratized Foundation Imaging for the TMP Director's Edition. Kimble's blueprints has it's own issues and I'm not using it.
I'm sorry, but I can't see anything "accuratized" but rather the introduction of new and/or different inaccuracies.
  • Both Kimble and Foundation Imaging didn't get the width of the dorsal accurately reproduced

That's your opinion that is unfounded based on the images you are using.

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  • Both Kimble and Foundation Imaging didn't get the forward torpedo launcher section correct. Kimble didn't show the relief of the torpedo bay towards the forward launcher, Foundation Imaging exaggerated it.
  • Both Kimble and Foundation Imaging suggest a launcher opening that's too rectangular and betrays the noticable and original hexagonal shape
  • Both Kimble and Foundation Imaging didn't get the shape of the forward sensor light (illuminating "NCC-1701") correct

You'll need to illustrate these problems as I don't see the issue.

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But where Foundation Imaging made things really worse is their curvature of the torpedo bay "roof" (better and very noticable in the side views you often provide to visualize your engine component locations): its curvature is rather reminiscent of a fish or a banana and not compatible with the actual curvature of the "real" ship or VFX model.
This I partially agree with. The hump of the ceiling should be moved forward as the FI version is too far behind the docking port. However, the real model does have a curve to it.

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Rather than siding for one or another inaccurate reproduction of the ship we should look for one that is truly accurate.

Didn't Tobias Richter (The Light Works) do such a CGI recreation?

Didn't you just say not to side with one inaccurate reproduction and then you mention another 3rd party CGI model? How many cakes do you want to eat at the same time?

If you want a true width to that dorsal, get someone to measure it off the 8' ? model. Otherwise you're dealing with inaccuracy through visual distortion going through the visual footage using the front or back angles.
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