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The director's cut is certainly the superior edit of the film, but again, unless they redo it in 2k or 4k it won't be "future proofed". I think Paramount already went to bat for this, releaing the DE in the first place, same with STNG and Enterprise, so it'll eventually get around to this too.

Too the poster who says paramount doesn't care about it's bluray releases, what utter nonesense. ST still makes money in all it's incarnations, new releases of the old movies on bluray continue to appear on shelves in stores. A remaster of STII and STII is on bluray. It poured money into the STNG blurays to re-edit them fromscratch. Star Trek 09 went back onto the top 20 blurays sales chart after STID was released in the theaters, then on video. I also saw STNG on the top 15 sales chart chart several times. There's a DE for STII on bluray. If there is a market like this, then they have reason to work on them.
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