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Re: Picard made First Contact with 27 civilisations?

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^ I guess it depends whether you define "first contact" as the first time you encounter a new alien race, or when you make *official* first contact and say "hi, we're the Federation", like Picard did with the Malcorians. The latter would tend to be much more rare.
I don't think there's too much of a difference, except the latter usually involves more documentation for the record books.

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Unless you happen to be Jonathan Archer, James Kirk, or Kathryn Janeway.
Did that many new species really make their first appearances on ENT? Good grief.

Janeway gets a pass because she was doing a tour of a whole quadrant. And Kirk gets a pass because his show came on first.
Nah, Janeway and Kirk both still count as racking up more than twenty first contacts within a decade (most of the ones Kirk encountered were brand-new to the Federation too, not just because TOS came first).
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