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Re: Sad/happy/bittersweet endings

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@Locutus: Do you also think that Total Recall (the Ah-nuld version) ended with Quaid being lobotomized and the whole thing is his Rekall fantasy?
Well, there is the "blue sky on Mars" comment at Rekall before he even gets put under, which is pretty solid evidence, and his Martian girlfriend appearing on the screen (though that's a little more ambiguous since the effects of the memory implant had just started to take hold).

Of course the reboot only treated that reality/dream ambiguity like a secondary consideration and not the entire friggin' point. It had good action and production values, but was ultimately pretty shallow compared to the Arnie version (there's something you don't hear often). Still enjoyable, though.
I don't understand how anything implies that Quaid is lobotomized, though. Couldn't it have just been one helluva program?
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