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Between AQ and Bajorn Borders, ten light years away form GQ Wormhole.
Xoasys System.
STARDATE: 65701.77 (Jan. 22Nd).

Hanging in the vacuum of the black covered in pinholes of light and smokey, splotches of brightly coloured nebulae, hung the first deep space, Federation outpost Gama Station One. Right in that empty space between the Alpha Quadrant and Bajoran borders it orbited within a system of six planets and two suns. The home system of the Xoasians about ten light years from the Wormhole that allowed ships to travel from the Alpha to the Gama Quadrants.
I can't emphasise enough the need to re-read what you've written before posting it - this isn't meant as a criticism as such (although obviously it is but not one that should be taken personally!), but just in the first few lines there are several spelling errors that need correcting.

Even the best story will be made to look amateurish with errors such as these and detract from the overall experience - and that's not to say my own pieces have the occasional errors, I'm almost certain they do, but I feel it's important not to have too many if you know what I mean. Aim high!
The spelling errors have been brought to my attention once before. I have done my best to correct them in the following chapters. Sadly, I do have cataracts which doesn't make it easy to spot even with re-reading or spell check. So all i can do is try to catch what I can, but I do not expect to catch them all. But I am still doing what I can.

Still, thank you for your comment. :3 Other then that, I am interested to find out what you people think of the characters and story so far as well.
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