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I think he's confusing shows/videos that are Prime eligible and those that aren't.

Amazon has pretty much anything you could think of in their streaming library--basically anything you could also buy the dvd/bluray for. But, like Netflix, there are legal/licensing limitations on what they can provide for free.

Netflix chooses to omit all those videos from their streaming library. Amazon lets you pay for them if you want to watch them anyway. And, with a Prime account, the pay videos are still cheaper than you're going to find them for anywhere else.

For example, the day the STiD was out for the early online release, I got it right at midnight for $12.

Non the less, from just the shipping, the discounts, and the like the $80/year almost pays for itself before even taking the prime videos into account.
There are two separate Amazon services-the Amazon Video Store and the Amazon Prime Instant streaming service. The streaming service comes as part of the yearly Prime membership. The Video Store is where pay per view rentals and digital movie downloads are sold. It would be nice for consumers if they separated the two to avoid confusion, but obviously, they want people to get excited over seeing a ''new out on dvd'' title listed and think it can b watched as part of the subscription, only to find that it'll cost extra.

Most of the material that comes with Prime are movies that have been or currently are available on Netflix. I've noticed that each major studio seems to allocate a selection of their older content that is made available for sale to streaming services, and these titles are moved back and forth between the services in cycles. And the Epix Pay TV Channel sells a package of movies they have under license to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Redbox' streaming outfit.
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