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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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I don't like consoles, PCs, or handhelds. I like games. I find games that I want to play and then I buy the required systems to play those games. The idea of identifying yourself as a *insert system here* gamer is baffling to me.
That's kind of funny, no offense, but you usually come off as a bit of a 'retro gaming hipster' to me

Besides, assuming that each system has at least one exclusive you'd like to play, you logically would have to buy every single console. If you can accept that some people like dudebro online shooters and thus prefer Xbox, or that some people are into JRPGs and thus stick to Sony consoles, or that some people have the purest of Aryan bloodlines and thus prefer PC, you shouldn't be too confused. But anyway now with achievements and friends list that get tied to your system of choice, if anything brand loyalty is getting reinforced.
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