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Re: Potential Habitable Planets

These missions to find Poetentially Habitable Planets are very low-cost and I am in full support of them. However, these scientists are so money mad and craving for glory, that they will exaggerate their claims on discovering anything and they've done this many times over. I am not an amateur astronomer, or scientist, although I do have an interest in paleontology. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not fossil-rich in dinosaurs. We have a lot of dinosaur tracks, though. And when you think of how long dinosaurs ruled the Earth, that's a significant slice of the history of life. If it's any example of what's happening "out there," we're probably never going to "find" those aliens that are going to $ave us from ourselves. I have often wondered if it doesn't take an entire universe to increase the true odds of intelligent life occuring, anywhere, at all. Even on one planet. I can't help but feel that we are alone ...
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