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Re: Nelson Mandela has died

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There is a rather interesting biography of Nelson Mandela by Dr Pieter Möller, the former deputy leader of the HNP -- a right wing party which supported Apartheid. So naturally they (HNP) would want to sling on Mandela's image, even so if Mandela was an angel they would not have had so many grievances against him.
They would probably, however, be interested in dishonestly playing up the supposed "terrorist" threat of MK -- the ring exposed at Rivonia was in fact noticeably amateurish and not really capable of threatening apartheid militarily, which everyone who subsequently tried to make a vast deal of it and tries to this day has to have known. Mandela's subsequent authority came from his moral and public relations victory in the courtroom, not his military activities.

As for Nelson Mandela's record as President of South Africa it was pretty poor.
Except for the part where he prevented a civil war and made a peaceful transition to democracy in the country possible in the first place.

Ironically one type of Apartheid had been replaced with another; gone was racial Apartheid and in its stead was an even worse economic Apartheid.
The ANC post-apartheid made pace with neo-liberal globalism in part to prevent the NP's captains of industry from agitating against the new order. It worked, but no doubt it came at a terrible price; Mandela's situation was one in which there were no perfect options.

Finally Dr. Peter Hammond
... funnily enough, a crank in charge of a notoriously shady right-wing Christian ministry and the second far-right figure you've chosen to cite as an "authority" on Mandela. I'll bet what he has to say is just durned fascinating. Maybe later.

It's not necessary to put Mandela on a pedestal, but I'm fascinated that a certain wing of political opinion outside South Africa has this obsessive, desperate need to keep demonizing him after the people who actually fought him have moved on. I wonder if you all realize how petty and pathetic it looks.
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