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I'm not sure if what this guy says is true about the file he acquired (or if he just created it himself) but this scene looks awesome in HD. I'd get the BD if this is the quality we are looking at.
This video has come up before, but where do you see any claims that he acquired the file from an official source?
I saw it in one of the comments. That's where I got it from so that's why I wasn't sure.
I see this random comment that must be what you saw. I'm pretty sure it's an incomplete thought...

One of the DS9 cgi artists re-rendered a clip from the dominion war in HD and it's incredible
That's either saying he thought it looked official or the commenter is kind of incoherently rambling and is referring to the sample 1080p renders that TrekCore posted from Rob Bonchune. That comment was posted 10-days after TrekCore's article went up.

EDIT: In fact that very video is in the comments to TrekCore's article.

According to further comments it says the person does indeed have access to the original files.

That's because these are the original DS9 CG scenes that IRML has, but IRML spices up everything he works on...
His second re-render is here:

Still would like to see that claim substantiated somehow... It seems like maybe he's in contact with Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz.

Dave Clark is IRML's real world name, not a name I see in relation to Foundation Imaging.

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